Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sources for icon packs and badges

A few people have asked me about icons and badges, and how to change them. I don't personally care for the default red badges, so that was the first thing I changed when I jailbroke my phone.

One place to get a lot of great icon packs is - just do a quick search for "iPhone icons" and you'll see tons you can download. I install them through SSH but if you have a file browser you should be able to drag and drop that way as well.

For badges, a great resource is - register for their forums, and a lot of people who are amazing with Photoshop post some really slick looking badges (as well as icons).

If you're an iPhone user, registering with is definitely a must. Some of the things you'll find on there will also be in the modmyi repository on Cydia, but a lot of it may not be.

The members over there are very helpful. I've even requested a few icons for themes in the past and within a few hours, someone makes them and posts them to the thread. Very good community.

If anyone else has any other places they download icon and badge packs from, please feel free to post it in the comments.

I'm working on a video tutorial as of how to create a basic theme/tweak themes and I'll make sure to include how to replace badge icons. Look for that soon.